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Intelligent acquisition is the future of government business for fielding new capabilities.  Other Transactions authorities (OTs) can be a game-changer making way for alternative business and teaming approaches for R&D and prototyping – leading to production.  Call it “creative contracting” or “commercial-like” – this is business driven by goals, performed by smart people who really want to get things done!  Equipped with good business acumen and industry knowledge, OTs are a natural and make sense, but can be uncomfortable for those immersed in the current system. OTs provide greater flexibility to suit the project/goal, spur innovation by reducing barriers and increasing collaboration/outreach, and with more up-front focus on problem solving, better solutions are likely.

Congress has made pleas to the DoD to be courageous and bold in use of these authorities, even asking to develop a “preference”.  The warfighter needs capabilities faster, the taxpayer desires this and affordability too, untapped industry is ready for a better partner.  OTs are tailored to be the core of a parallel system to deliver these NOW!  What are you waiting for?

Join us at Other Transactions: Acquisition Intelligence for education, discussion and networking.

Who should attend:

  • Leadership & Program Executivesyour support is needed, provide top-cover, reduce resistance 
  • Program Managersessential, primary team role
  • Legal overcome obstacles, pivotal in contract negotiations
  • Contracting dynamic part of team, new opportunities  
  • Comptroller & Financeexciting potential possibilities
  • Test & Evaluationensure the best solution, feedback, end-user collaboration
  • Consortia Managersimportant role in collaboration, networks, marketing and access
  • Industry Large & Small – business expertise, collaboration and technologies
  • Funding Partners –  fast-paced innovation requires access to capital
  • Research Institutes new opportunities to collaborate 



*Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in one of these terrific events.