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You are lucky enough to have access to the pioneer of Other Transactions (OTs) authority in the DOD!  Our educational and consulting services are unique and have been developed over more than three decades of training, policy advice, and experience.  Our small mission driven team provides OT education, for all-levels, and strategic consulting services to improve how the federal government goes about the business of developing and advancing new capability.

“Rick Dunn is a National Treasure.” – Arun Seraphin, Professional Staff Member, Senate Committee on Armed Services

Education & Training

Strategic Institute offers educational and conceptual expertise in Other Transactions (OTs) and innovative contractual authorities. Strategic Institute has a flexible approach to delivery including: seminars, virtual and in-house training, speaking engagements, shared articles, videos, and other quality reference and resource materials.

Virtual Learning Packages

Program Teams: Get what your team needs from a smart, thought provoking curriculum and Guide to Other Transactions Authority in just 10 hours online. 2 hours per day  

Leadership:  We will provide you with the Other Transactions overview and understanding you want in 90 minutes!


Strategic Consulting

Boost your project/program quickly by utilizing the #1 Other Transactions resource!  Strategic Institute provides consulting services for organizations that are exploring the power of Other Transactions and related contractual authorities to better accomplish their mission goals.  Richard Dunn is the recognized pioneer of Other Transactions authorities within the DoD and beyond.  Gain the conceptual knowledge that comes from thirty years of intellectual heavy lifting, experience, and policy advice. Jump start your mission!


Innovation requires stepping out of the comfort zone, tap an expert and feel assured.  Strategic Institute provides advisory services to government or industry program teams, at any stage, working on projects using Other Transactions authorities and other innovative contracting and business approaches.

Meeting Planning

Strategic Institute offers top-notch seminar and event planning services within scope of our mission.

Research & Press

Please feel free to contact us.