Podcast: Other Transactions for Experimental Purposes 10 USC 2373 (now 4023)

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Other Transactions for experimental purposes 10 USC 2373 (now 4004) is rarely used by DoD program offices. The authority allows DoD to quickly access commercially available technologies and products for test, experimentation and residual use. The authority is ideal for assessing current technologies and state-of-the-art, and to gain insight to inform program and project development.

“The DoD breaks pretty much every rule in modern product development.” – Eric Schmidt, fmr. CEO Google

Under the current contracting regime and rules, the acquisition process does not start until agency needs are known and requirements are developed, this misses very important front-end work that could save tremendous time, effort, and money on the back-end, not to mention deliver superior solutions. The DoD hurries or skips important market research and information and fact finding stages, exemplified by this authority. Program teams should want to inform themselves upfront and assess the current landscape, as well as be aware of possible solutions. The right effort on the front-end can eliminate a lot of waste on the back-end.


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