Federal Business for R&D: Step Beyond Ignorance

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In this episode Strategic Institute goes strong on the message of positive transformation in federal acquisition for effectively delivering the fruits of R&D and new capabilities. The days of “my ignorance is as good as your knowledge,” responsible for so much systemic navel gazing and institutional corruption, has reached its bounds. It is killing the host and sacrificing those whom it is charged to serve; it is a hindrance and a burden. Many have taken advantage of the system and actively resist change, but times demand transformation. Sticking fingers in ears and covering eyes, speaking the latest rhetoric and making excuses no longer will do… not if we are to remain innovative and vital. The stakes are high!

It is beyond time to learn new ways to problem solve, collaborate and team, conduct business, strategize, and incorporate modern principles. It is time for doing. The tools, policy, and mandates are already there. The only thing holding back federal acquisition from performing at a much higher level is leadership and education. BUT leadership and academia zealously support the status quo; a disjointed and incongruent system imposed by bureaucrats, walled off in functionary silos without a gestalt. The result has been decades of wasted intelligence, innovation, and resources. Current leaders and insiders, the system has treated you well, the next generations deserve to be set up for future success. Don’t leave the place in shambles and say, “good luck.” Knowledge and skills can be learned. This is an actionable item, let’s get busy!