Optimism for Federal Acquisition Innovation

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In this episode Strategic Institute talks with Dr. Dolores Kuchina-Musina of REXOTA Solutions to discuss the focus of her PhD dissertation –  Other Transaction Agreements (OTA) and innovation policy.  Dolores approaches her work and study of an often difficult and frustrating topic with cheer and optimism, while keeping in mind the common good.  She shares some findings and what she has learned since embarking on her journey to understand how acquisition authorities and policies effect innovation and ultimately the delivery of new capability.

We did not totally nerd out on OTAs.  We talked about a number of trends effecting the workforce and general mindset within the federal acquisition space for R&D.  She believes that folks are beginning to earnestly question the status-quo, and that new ideas and concepts are slowly becoming accepted.  However, she does share SI’s view that a lack of meaningful education and training opportunities remains a hindrance.

Dolores’s dissertation:  Other Transaction Authorities: Evaluating Innovation Policy Impact of Alternative Contract Vehicles in the Department of Defense