Taking a Whooping! A Critical Look at the State of Small Businesses in the Defense Industrial-base

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In this podcast episode Strategic Institute’s Founder, Rick Dunn talks with Amanda Bresler and Alex Bresler from PW Communications about their latest research – Analyzing the Composition of the Defense Small Business Industrial Base.  

The research findings are eye-opening as the stated goals of many small business policies and programs are not being served.  Small business programs attempt to make up for an inherent lack of fairness of an overly-bureaucratic, highly-regulated system that has grown into a monster over time.  The system is so arcane that nobody can really make sense of it all.  Greater awareness is essential for better solutions.  The defense acquisition (innovation) community needs to face its problems head on, and use the tools and resources provided to create positive change – real innovation.

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PW Communications:  https://www.pwcommunications.com/

Strategic Institute: https://strategicinstitute.org/