First Podcast! Why Use Other Transactions?

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The first episode of the Innovation in Government Business podcast is now live! Your friends at Strategic Institute for Innovation in Government Contracting welcome all Federal acquisition deviants, innovators, doers and creators to listen, learn, and be inspired to create positive change to better address critical challenges.

In this episode:
Richard Dunn former DARPA General Counsel and pioneer of DoD’s Other Transactions Authorities discusses why Federal research and development organizations should explore and use flexible agreements to spur innovation, drive culture change, engage with the larger industrial base and talents, and deliver better solutions in more timely fashion. Win/win scenarios and business arrangements are being overlooked for the ingrained status quo that results in everything costing too much and taking far too long. Other Transactions are not business as usual. These remedial statutes are geared specifically to tackle the multi-generational, well documented and known problems with the traditional system that has proven ineffective for solving critical challenges and delivering new capability in an efficient, common sense manner.