Strategic Capital: Utilizing Private Funding to Improve Outcomes of Federal R&D

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In this episode Strategic Institute’s Rick Dunn and special guests Col. Mark “Puck” Mykleby and Sam Moyer discuss opportunities and potential challenges that wait ahead for the newly announced Department of Defense, Office of Strategic Capital; which seeks to leverage private sector funding to improve federal R&D efforts, reduce taxpayer risk and burden, and deliver more capabilities into the hands of warfighter faster… at least that is the idea.

The host and guests have years of experience interfacing with the government as both advocates for utilizing private sector funding and as educators, having cooperatively developed a training program on the subject. It was clear from the start that flexible federal R&D contracting authorities, that already encourage cost and resource sharing, and that are intended to enable collaborative arrangements specifically for federal R&D, Other Transactions authorities, are an essential component in making these arrangements work. Obviously!

This episode is filled nuggets of experience, lessons learned, thoughtful ideas, and hopeful well wishes for those charged with creating the model(s) and leading the way.




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