Unsticking DoD’s Acquisition Process – easier done than talking about it forever!

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In this episode Rick Dunn, former DARPA General Counsel, talks with TC Hoot, a long time DoD Acquisition Program Manager, currently Senior Program Manager at MISI, a Partnership Intermediary serving U.S. Cyber Command, about how to move out on acquisition and business process innovation to more efficiently and effectively deliver knowledge and solutions resulting from defense R&D efforts and spent resources.

This is an intelligent discussion offering solutions to common and well known problems in federal acquisition.  It’s time to start taking this seriously, it’s time to take action.  Decades have been wasted stuck in “analysis paralysis”, there is no more time.  The can has been kicked, the potato passed.  It is no longer just a matter of waste or poor value, the failings of DoD’s acquisition system is a serious national security threat,  a clear and present danger, and it is getting worse.  What is going to take for the old guard and insiders to loosen their grip on business process innovation?  The solutions are there, even mandated, but where is the will?  Where is the strategic doing at scale?