Other Transactions are a Team Sport – Teaming to Better Deliver the Fruits of Federal R&D

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In this podcast episode Strategic Institute emphasizes the importance of interdisciplinary teams that are empowered and protected by leadership for the purposes of exploring and exploiting the flexibility inherent in Other Transactions authorities, and the wide variety of business relationships and approaches they allow for the purposes of delivering the fruits of federal R&D. This is contrasted with the rigidity of the traditional system, functionary silos, and the single minded approach that forces a buyer/seller relationship; inappropriate in most cases for R&D.

We continue to note the consequences of ignoring Other Transactions education as mandated by Congress in 2018.





  1. Tom Bruneau

    Thanks. Very inspirational. I wonder why Congress has not mandated GAO to do a study of what happened re the guidance on education in OTA in the 2018 NDAA.