DoD Lawyers Enabling Business Innovation for R&D

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In this episode Rick Dunn talks with LTC Dean Korsak from the Air Force Research Laboratory, Information Directorate about the role government lawyers can take to enable business process innovation, using flexible contracts, to better deliver the fruits from R&D activities.

This positive episode discusses issues that teams using non-FAR based acquisition strategies face. While there are a number of challenges, it is evident that with a little DIY spirit and ingenuity the obstacles are surmountable. Lawyers are uniquely in a position to reduce fear and help clear the way for teams experimenting with different business approaches and arrangements for R&D, as directed by Congress. When it comes to bucking business-as-usual and attempting something new or innovative it is comforting and helpful to have the lawyers on your side 🙂







  1. stan sansone

    That is what the Army did with the invention of heavier than air device (airplane-Wright brothers). We, the Army, will invent it and since Langley failed spectacularly and then blocked the Wright brothers. Thank you Mr. Dunn for great content and advancing innovation to build the base.