Other Transactions & Third-Party Financing Primer

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From 2016-2019 Strategic Institute in conjunction with Innovation Finance Group later 50lb Brain worked hard to drag DoD acquisition leadership and bureaucracy to water, to show them the way.  We illustrated how the flexibility and freedom of contract inherent in other transactions, not only permits 3rd party financing but encourages it.  Leadership at the time called us crazy and said “we can’t do that!”  Now a number of those same leaders are employed by venture capital firms working in the defense space, trying to do that. Some who are called crazy are just ahead of their time.

Since y’all are catching up and realizing that we weren’t crazy, we are proffering our Other Transactions & Third-Party Financing Primer, 2nd edition for FREE in PDF form.  Yes, it’s a little dated, but you can figure out what has changed.

Additionally, it’s too bad y’all are so committed to the DoD contracting regime’s so-called, not particularly legal, consortia models. YOU ARE MISSING A LOT OF OPPORTUNITIES by trying to “hack the system” in effort to make things easy instead focusing on making it effective and producing killer results!