Middle Tier of AWESOME (Acquisition)

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  In this special and highly educational episode Rick Dunn, the OG of DoD Other Transactions authorities, discusses the Middle Tier of Acquisition with three of today’s brightest minds in federal acquisition for R&D and advancing new capability. This is … Continued

Other Transactions (flexible contracting) can be applied to more than Acquisition

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  Other Transactions (OTs) are flexible contracts that are intended to foster the business relationships needed to facilitate and deliver new and advanced technologies, innovative solutions, and to maximize investment in research and development (R&D). As flexible contracts, specifically for … Continued

If it’s R&D use an OT

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In this podcast episode Strategic Institute discusses the advantages of using appropriate contracts for federal R&D.  Federal Acquisitions Regulations (FAR) contracts are inappropriate, per Part 35, which states FAR is procurement for acquiring goods and services.   R&D and advancing … Continued

The Defense Production Act and Other Transactions

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  In the Government’s response to the pandemic, Operation Warp Speed, both Other Transactions (OTs) and the Defense Production Act (DPA) were used. In testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee, a DOD witness seemed to lump use of these … Continued

Other Transactions & Partnership Intermediary Connection

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  In this podcast episode Strategic Institute recaps controversial topics from a previous episode (recent protest – consortia model), and discusses the symbiosis between flexible federal contracting authorities, other transactions, and the greater flexibility offered to the government by using … Continued